Post Natal

Post Natal Coaching

Congratulations! Now you’re a mummy to a beautiful baby! It is rewarding and life changing.

Are you eager to return to your pre-pregnancy shape and regain your confidence? We are here to help you develop your realistic and achievable targets.

The benefits of training after giving birth are endless! Increased fat loss, regained self-confidence, increased energy, improved sleep, relaxation, improved posture, reduced back pain, increased stamina, reduced anxiety . . . the list is endless.

But don’t rush! Remember your body has undergone many physiological adaptions during the pregnancy and we must take this into account.

Aggressive exercise programmes and high intensity work outs are therefore not the answer and should be avoided in the post pregnancy process as they can be damaging. Your body needs time to adjust from the pregnancy.

However, with a carefully planned exercise and health programme you will increase your energy helping you to relax, enjoy ‘down’ time, sleep better and recover your body shape!

After all the most important thing is to feel good about yourself again so that you can enjoy the time with the most precious thing in the world – your baby!

Post Natal Mother