Tofu is a great source of protein and contains all the amino acids. It is an excellent source of iron and calcium and contains the minerals manganese, selenium and phosphorous. In addition, tofu is a good source of magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1.

Curried Tofu Burgers

2 tbsp coconut oil
1 large carrot- grated
1 large onion-chopped
1 galic clove-crushed
1 level tsp curry powder
1 level tsp tomato puree
225g original tofu
25g rye breadcrumbs
25g unsalted mixed nuts-chopped


  • Heat 1 tbsp coconut oil in a frying pan. Add the carrot and onion and fry for 4mins until the vegetables are softened. Add the garlic, curry powder and tomato puree and fry for 2 mins.
  • Place the tofu in a blender with the vegetables, breadcrumbs and nuts. Season with pepper and blend until the mixture sticks together.
  • Shape the mixture into burgers.
  • Heat some coconut oil in the frying pan and add the burgers. Fry for 3-4 mins on each side or until golden brown. Drain on Kitchen paper and serve with brown rice and garlic kale with sun dried tomatoes.