I managed to enrol with Cat during the start of my pregnancy and this was one of the best things I did. From the first point of contact, she was very accommodating to find a suitable time and day to fit with my diary.

Her attention to detail is second to none and I definitely felt safe and comfortable training with her during my pregnancy. She kept up-to-date with the exact stage of pregnancy and any medical/physical changes on a weekly basis and accordingly adapted her advice and exercise. (I developed back pain at various stages throughout the 9 months, and the home exercises were a great help). She was also able to advise on diet and nutrition and regularly reminded me to drink more water!

Cat is a fantastic personal trainer with all desired attributes – attentive, caring, knowledgeable, personable, energetic and suitably pushes you physically. She regularly changes her training programmes to keep you guessing! I would recommend her 100% whether you are pregnant or not.

Katherine, June 2017

Cat has been my Personal Trainer for several years now and is very knowledgeable, finding ways to work with any niggle or injury.

Her workouts are motivating, challenging, varied and fun and this keeps me going back.

I am much stronger and healthier since I started training with her.


I started training with Cat within weeks of finding out I was pregnant. I wanted to maintain my fitness and strength and wanted to recover fast after the birth.

Cat is friendly, approachable, non-judgemental and highly knowledgeable on each of the stages of pregnancy and what exercise/ techniques are appropriate at certain times.

There were times that I found being pregnant hard but I felt better about everything after a session with Cat. Her support both in and out of the gym was the lift I needed at times.

I was super glad that I trained with Cat and having had a healthy baby and a lot of compliments about my figure throughout I will definitely be signing up for training again next time around.


Cat has been my personal trainer twice weekly for over 5 years and she has become a valued life-coach and friend.

Since working with Cat I have a healthier approach towards life, no longer count calories and am in better shape than I was 20 years ago!

She is the ultimate professional and has always managed to achieve the perfect balance in my individually tailored exercise programmes. She encourages me and continually stretches my ability and fitness.

She has an uncanny sixth sense – knowing exactly what I am capable of doing and I trust her implicitly. With Cat I never feel ‘I can’t do it’ but instead am inspired to say ‘I’m sure I can…’!

How did I manage for 55 years without her?!


I have trained with Cat for five years and can’t recommend her highly enough. I started a fitness programme with her three months after the birth of my second child, when I was recovering from both a second c-section and SPD.

Cat’s approach to training me was safe and challenging at the same time. The way she designed my training programme meant that I was able to rapidly progress without causing any pain or problems and I was soon able to see results.

In total I lost over 50lb and have been able to return to doing long distance challenge events in cycling and walking. I can feel the difference very quickly when I have breaks from training – my strength and fitness just aren’t the same without Cat’s help!


When I first came to Cat I wasn’t sure what the fitness journey I wanted to start looked like. I wanted someone to take away the thought process of a programme, guide me through it and encourage me. I didn’t know if this existed…..but it did!!

Although painful and frustrating for me at times (problems with injuries) she showed me that everything is achievable with time . . . before I knew it I was asking for heavier weights, harder programmes and even enjoying a bit of competition in the sessions!

Exercise and Cat’s support has become a huge part of my life and sanity at times, and I would highly recommend Cat for anyone that is either unsure of exercise or a hard core enthusiast!!